So, how do ​​YOU fit into this story? That all depends on your response to God and His gospel offer. You see, just as it was in the beginning, God will not MAKE you follow Him. He offers you the opportunity to do so but He will not force you to follow. Somehow, that freedom to choose to follow or to not follow is part of His perfect plan.
What will it cost you to decide to follow Him?In one sense, it will cost youeverything! You must admit your rebellion and sinfulness and turn your back on self, deciding instead to live for Jesus and follow Him instead (with His able help and power, of course).

On the other hand, giving up a life that is empty, broken, and headed for destruction is no sacrifice at all. In the end, a life lived for self and in opposition to God leads to eternal bankruptcy and destruction, but the new life God offers leads to riches untold – forgiveness now, His healing and transforming power in this life, and a future of close and perfect relationship with Him for eternity in a reality that is the way things were always meant to be — peaceful, whole, right, and good!5
5Luke 9:23-25, Colossians 3:1-4by