From the earliest pages of the Bible until its conclusion, it is clear that God has a plan that deals with evil AND allows us to enter into a restored relationship with Him AT THE SAME TIME.
The central fact of this plan begins with the truth that evil MUST be punished. However, God in His goodness decided that He would endure the punishment we deserve so we can again be in His presence without the problem of our own sin being in the way. God became a human being in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, walked among us, taught us His ways, demonstrated His deity with many miraculous signs and wonders, lived a sinless life, then allowed Himself to be killed in one of the most horrific ways imaginable. The Bible tells us that He did this to take our punishment on His shoulders. Our debt to God has been paid by God Himself!​​3
He then went on to demonstrate that death has been defeated by raising Jesus from the dead! The risen Jesus appeared to hundreds of people over the course of the next few weeks, then ascended into heaven where He now resides and reigns. Please know that this is not just wishful thinking or legend; the resurrection of Jesus is one of the most widely attested and supported historical facts of the ancient world. (We’d love to have the chance to share the evidence with you!)​4
3Romans 5:8
41 Corinthians 15: 3-8